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Name Profession
Shepsu Aakhu Regional Dramaturg
Jules Aaron Regional Director
Leroy Aarons Off-Broadway Writer
Michael Aarons Broadway Music Coordinator
Brian Abadia Off-Broadway Choreographer
George Abbott Broadway & Off-Broadway Writer
James Abbott Broadway Composer, Music Director and Orchestrations
Duncan Abel Broadway
Marybeth Abel Broadway Stage Manager
Ron Abel Broadway Composer
Adam Abraham Regional Writer and Lyricist
Chris Abraham Off-Broadway Director
Libby Abrahams Broadway Talent Representation
Jill Abramovitz Broadway & Regional Lyricist
Bernard Abrams Broadway Producer
JJ Abrams Broadway & Off-Broadway Producer
Judith Ann Abrams Broadway & Off-Broadway Producer
Larry Abramsky Off-Broadway Producer
Deborah Abramson Broadway Music Director
Raul Abrego Broadway & Off-Broadway Scenic Design