Cactus Flower




Original / Play / Comedy

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The Cactus Flower tells the story of Julian Winston, a handsome, middle-aged Park Avenue dentist and bachelor, who has told his much younger girlfriend Toni that he is married, in order to not make a commitment to her. Convinced that Julian won’t leave his wife and kids for her, Toni attempts a lame suicide, only to be saved by her younger neighbor Igor when he smells gas and breaks into her apartment. When Julian discovers that Toni tried to kill herself over him, he suddenly decides to marry Toni and tells her that his fictional wife also wants a divorce. Toni demands to meet her in order to make sure that she agrees to the divorce. Julian then gets his "old maid" nurse Stephanie, who is secretly in love with him, to pose as his wife, and the comedy ensues. What follows is a farcical collection of misunderstandings, lies and unexpected romance as Stephanie ... the Cactus Flower ... begins to bloom.